Homeowners looking into Wrexham low energy solutions with a view to saving cash might also want to consider switching their energy suppliers given that the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s Power to Switch campaign has helped save over £38 million for some 130,000 households in just a month.

A 193 per cent rise in total savings was seen compared with the same time a year ago, with an average saving made of £312 for dual fuel switches, a hike of almost 60 per cent.

To further encourage people to switch, the government has helped reform the energy market by halving switching times (it now takes 17 days to move, whereas last year it took five weeks) and bringing new suppliers onto the market.

“Our campaign has helped put millions of pounds back in people’s pockets – and thousands have benefited. A huge increase in switching in a four week period shows that people want better deals from energy providers – and our reforms to the market have driven competition and made that possible,” Ed Davey, energy and climate change secretary, remarked.

Making further comments, Ann Robinson – director of consumer policy with uSwitch.com – described how fantastic it is to see so many people tackling high energy costs by finding more competitive products. She went on to observe that there is more than £340 a year difference between the cheapest tariff and the average from the big six, so shopping around could really do a lot to help reduce your bills. If you haven’t considered switching before, now could well be the time to do so.