People looking for the best solar panel installations Chester has to offer may be cheered by the news that new energy secretary Amber Rudd has called for a “solar revolution”.

Rudd has called for more homes to have solar panels on their roofs, stating that though there are already one million homes with solar panels on their roofs in the UK, she wants to see that number increase, The Telegraph newspaper reported.

As well as being pro-solar energy, the new energy secretary has called for improving home insulation in order to allow the public to “keep the lights on and carbon emissions down”.

There is a subsidy available for people who install solar panels, which was introduced by the coalition government. This scheme allows homes that have solar panels installed to earn thousands of pounds by selling excess energy back to the national grid as well as getting money from the Feed In Tariff for all energy produced, even if you use it yourself. The tariff you get depends on when your panels are fully installed and registered. Once you’ve done that, your rate’s guaranteed for 20 years.

In order to have yours fitted this year, you need to speak to your local installer. You need to use a system and installer that are certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Speak to your installer about your home’s suitability for solar panels – for example, you need a roof that faces roughly within 45 degrees of south, with no shade from other buildings or trees.