Solar Panel Installations Chester

Reduce your energy bills, earn an income for the power you generate and be kind to the environment…all from the power of the sun.

We have the team for solar panel installations Chester. Generous Government incentives, guaranteed for 20 years. Effectively paying you to generate power from your Solar PV system, making this an opportunity too good to miss.

Although your return on investment can vary depending upon the size of installation. In our experience typical payback periods are in the region of 7 years. With returns varying between 10% and 20% per year.

Homes of any size can benefit from Solar PV. Though those with a south facing roof will benefit more than east or west facing.
Once a Solar PV project is approved, every installation is carried out to exacting standards, by our award winning in-house team using proven equipment from world class manufacturers.

If you would like to know more about solar panels or investments grants don’t hesitate to contact Stewart Rawson Electrical. Your favourite Electricians in Wrexham.

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