A lot of businesses who come to us looking for the best commercial electricians Cheshire has to offer are often eager for help implementing a new lighting scheme for their premises – something in which we excel. And with a report last year revealing that a third of British diners were driven out of eateries because of bad lighting, it’s particularly important for restaurant owners to focus on this.

With that in mind, and our experience in fitting creative lighting systems in Cheshire’s top locations, we’re examining some of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to restaurant dining.

Candles aren’t a replacement for good lighting. No matter how much of an atmosphere they create, candles are intended to supplement a good lighting system. Dimly lit restaurants make it difficult for diners to see, let alone eat and enjoy their food.

Down-light with caution. Down-lighters are a great way to create a multi-functional space, in which you can move tables and chairs to fit the space at will, however, they can also take away from the feel of a restaurant if they’re too direct or bright. Ensure you choose bulb wattage carefully, or ask your electrician to install a dimmer switch so that brightness can be controlled by the staff as needed.

Give booths their own light. Fixed dining booths are unlikely to move, so with the help of your electrician, you can install drop or pendant lighting directly above a booth. This helps give a area a sense of intimacy and privacy that many diners are after.