Do you have the best Chester security alarms installations in place? If not, then you might want to consider doing so before the summer months really take hold, as longer days often mean a rise in the number of unforced burglaries and you need to make sure you’ve protected your property sufficiently.

Figures from Lloyds Bank Home Insurance show a 12 per cent hike last year in such claims after the clocks went forward in comparison to the winter months, with the typical claim costing households some £900.

As such, it’s vital that you take extra steps to protect your home and garden through the use of CCTV or security lighting, as well as other measures such as heavy locks on your gates and garden sheds. Make sure as well that you don’t leave items lying around outside after you’ve gone to bed – lock everything away at the end of the day so there’s nothing there to tempt a would-be burglar.

Tips from Lloyds Bank to help you keep your gardens safe include putting stones in your patio tubs so they can’t be carried off, marking ornaments and patio furniture with your postcode and putting down gravel or pebbles on your front paths and driveways so you’re alerted to the fact that someone’s approaching the house.

All it will take to stay safe at this time of year is a bit of common sense and a few additional security measures, and you won’t have anything to worry about whatsoever. You can feel free to enjoy the summer!