Businesses looking for the best CCTV installations Cheshire has to offer should pay heed to warnings by the police that a recent spate of car thefts has taken place in the area.

A total of nine cars were stolen on one night from Runcorn, with eight of them from one street. Police have suggested that people should not leave valuables in their car to avoid being the victim of crime, The Liverpool Echo reported.

If you have company vehicles, make sure they are protected by following these simple steps.

  • Make sure your car keys are secure, as this won’t make it easy for thieves to steal your vehicle.
  • Tell employees to never leave the car engine running. Cars are commonly stolen when people leave engines running at petrol stations, supermarkets and when drivers have left the car running to warm up on a cold morning.
  • Close windows and sunroofs as well as doors when leaving a car unattended.
  • Avoid data theft and identity theft by ensuring no sensitive company information is left in the car. This could include bank and credit card statements, business cards and other personal information.
  • Leaving a driving licence or registration document in the car can make it simpler for a thief to sell your car.
  • Use a lock code on any satnav systems to prevent a thief from being able to track a car back to your business premises. They should always be removed from the car.
  • Encourage employees to avoid car parks that have a history of theft.