If you’re using an electric lawnmower this spring, remember to only cut grass when it’s dry out. #SaturdaySafetyTip

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If you're using an electric lawnmower this spring, remember to only cut grass when it's dry out. #SaturdaySafetyTip — Powertec Electric (@PowertecElec) May 7, 2016 // from Twitter

How Business Technology May Evolve in the Future

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The business landscape is always affected by the change and evolution of technology. Yes, the whole world is hinged around the latest tech. But, business is perhaps the sector where this influence can be felt the most. As a business owner, you have surely felt the impact of technological developments over the years. Read More

How To Hire The Best Electrician For Your Needs

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Many electrical services related issues can be easily averted by taking a research based comprehensive decision regarding hiring an electrician. Research, what sort of research? You need to do some simple checks before reaching the final decision. They are as following. Ask for the license– Hiring an unlicensed contractor may cost you heavy, so do

Beer and garlic bread for my horse, please.

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Took a day off. I mean, why not? I am old, senile, and goofy. Lounged around half the day, until I got a burst of energy, and whipped up a gourmet lunch of tomato soup and tuna sandwiches. On my way to the grocery 1pm. Geez.  I wonder what it’s like to shop on